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Ace Grading & Paving Inc is the headquarters in the greater Reno, NV area for asphalt paving that will provide you with a gleaming surface that is functional as well as beautiful to behold. Our professionals will provide you with quality asphalt paving that will stand the test of time without testing your wallet.

At Ace Grading & Paving Inc, we understand the budget needs of the commercial and residential client and provide our asphalt paving to meet those needs. At the same time, we provide full, quality workmanship from the ground up.

The strength and longevity of your asphalt surface largely will depend on laying the correct groundwork. This is where our team excels. We take the time to ensure that your foundation is set to the specific needs of your site. Our asphalt paving process will include:

• Soil and Drainage Assessment
• Foundation Excavation
• Debris Removal
• Pre-emergent Application
• Base Reinforcement
• Ground Compaction
• Application of Asphalt

Our bonded, licensed, and insured crew also can provide for crack fills, asphalt sealing, and seal coating, as well as patching and overlays. We can perform parking lot striping and install speed bumps, parking bumpers, and ADA signage.

Asphalt paving has some major economical and structural advantages over concrete that our paving experts can explain to you. It is less expensive up front and better conforms to soil movement to minimize cracking and warping. Repairs, when needed, are simpler to make. Additionally, the asphalt will adhere better than concrete on sloped surfaces and provide better waterproofing.

When you need asphalt paving that will last through weather and years of use, contact Reno’s pros in paving at Ace Grading & Paving Inc.

Let us provide you with a complete and completely transparent free estimate.

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